When Your Dog Wants a Bite of Your Apple

You've had a long day. Time to relax on the couch, put your feet up, turn on the TV, and treat yourself to a healthy snack. What could be more satisfying than biting into a ripe apple? Ahhh….taste-sensation bliss.

But then you feel a wet nose on your leg, and there is Duke, your precious lab mix, drooling on your leg and looking up at you with his big brown soulful eyes. What to do? Can dogs eat apple products?

The answer is a resounding YES!

  • Apples provide many health benefits to your dog:
  • Great source of Vitamin A, which supports healthy skin and vision
  • Excellent source of antioxidants, including Vitamin C, which help protect your dog's cells from free radicals which can cause cancer and heart disease
  • Provide dietary fiber, which helps keep your dog's digestion and elimination more regular
  • Low in protein and fat, so your pooch won't pack on the pounds
  • Help keep your dog's teeth clean
  • Keep away doggy breath
  • Contain quercetin, which can help relieve allergies and inflammation
  • Naturally satisfy your dog's sweet tooth
  • All-around good for your dog!

So… satisfy Duke's sweet tooth while keeping him healthy. Give him some Apple Bites.

Apple Bites are the perfect treat to satisfy Duke's sweet tooth in a healthy, convenient way. Keep a baggie of them handy to treat him when he is a good boy, or as positive reinforcement when you are training him….or when you just want to eat your own apple without feeling guilty!

Apple Bites contain all-natural ingredients such as rye flour, applesauce, barley flakes, oatmeal and honey. They are freshly baked, and contain no wheat, corn or soy.

Apple Bites are great for dogs of all sizes and ages. Larger breeds appreciate the satisfying crunch of each treat. Smaller breeds, puppies and senior dogs prefer the Apple Bites to be hydrated, so they are easier to chew. And all dogs - even picky eaters - love the taste!

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and pick up some Apple Bites for your dog.

Your dog will thank you. And you can finish your apple in peace.

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