It’s so much fun to give your pup a treat and watch them explode with joy! We love seeing videos of fur babies bursting with excitement, much like this pattie does But if our dogs knew what most of the treats we gave them were made of, they wouldn’t be nearly as excited.

Most treats contain heavy doses of wheat, corn, and soy, which aren’t a part of their usual diet. Pesticides, chemical byproducts, and sugar work their way into your pet’s system, causing harm and leading to disease.

We eliminate these unnecessary grains from our treats, preferring canine-friendly ingredients such as the apples with oats, blueberry with coconut, and peanut butter with honey. By removing grains from your dog’s diet, you unlock some significant benefits for them.

Boost their Immunity

Much like humans, the gut plays a significant role in supporting their immune system. When humans eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs all the time, we tend to catch colds and feel sick more often. Your furry friend is no different.

When your dog consumes ingredients full of nutrition and value, their immune system is strengthened, helping fend up diseases and viruses that would otherwise put their lives at risk.

Improve Vitality and Energy

Have you ever eaten a greasy meal and felt sluggish or had an upset stomach afterward? The same thing happens with your dog if they have a diet with too much grain in it. Humans might have Pepto to help fight indigestion and nausea, but switching to a grain-free diet is the best solution for canines.

The result is a dog that feels better and has more energy to play, go on walks, take beach trips, or anything else you love doing with your pet! As a bonus, they’ll have healthier skin and coats thanks to some nutrients not found in grains (such as omega-3), so they’re camera ready when the paparazzi shows up!

Feed More with Less

For some reason, no matter how much Mexican food we eat, we always have room for more chips and salsa at the end. We keep stuffing ourselves with doesn’t make us feel full. For dogs, the same thing happens with a grain-filled diet.

By removing grains from their diet, you’ll be feeding your pup with the correct amount of food to get all the nutrients they need, make them happy and full, and avoid weight-oriented diseases. The more your dog thinks they need to eat, the more health conditions set in either by overfeeding or by consuming foreign objects like the grass outside, the bread you left on the counter, or your favorite slippers.

Treat Your Pup

We design the treats on our site for one purpose: to add years to your dog’s life and life to their years. Visit our website now to stock up on treats that both you and your pup will enjoy!